Would you be doing what I’m doing?

It’s love,

when you could imagine spending your life with them. That includes good times and bad times. But it’s love because you could spend it with anyone and you chose to spend it with that person. There will always be someone better than who you’re with, but no one could have that same connection with you. No love is the same. I mean you could have your games, but sometimes the fact that you won is more satisfying than the fact that you have more lives. Does that make sense? You’re suppose to be marrying one person, not the whole world. And you could fall in love anytime you want to because it just happens. You don’t know if you like something til you crave it all of the time, which is means its not forced. It just happens.


All American Rejects are playing in Costa Mesa the week I’m not in town! fuckkkkkkkkkk. Reality can eat shit! 

teamtrizzy shall be reunited today! <3

Each time I see you, it brings me back to our first date.


I think it would be awesome if someone made or bought a Blink-182 cake for my bdae. Just saying.

Sleepover wt TTNO!

Someone should take me to go see Fun. like ASAP!